5 Features Your Security Screen Door Should Have

Are you shopping for security screen doors for your home? Read on and discover some of the optional features that you should request for as you order security screen doors for your home.

Mitered Corners

Hollow tubes increase the likelihood that water will get into the security screen door. The door will then start rusting from inside. It is better to buy security screen doors that have solid steel placed over their mitered corners. This will give the doors added durability.

Pneumatic Closers

Pneumatic closers prevent the security screen door from slamming as it is being closed. The pneumatic closers are also easier to adjust when the door is no longer closing gently. Most manufacturers will provide instructions that you can follow in order to adjust the closers periodically. 

Spring Chains

Pneumatic closers control the rate at which the security screen door closes (as already stated). Spring chains regulate how far that door can open. You should make sure that the spring chain on your security screen door is strong and durable. Ask the supplier to help you to select the most durable spring chain so that you avoid having to replace that chain soon after purchasing your security screen door.

Sill Extensions

Some security screen door manufacturers include sill extensions as part of every door that they sell. Others offer them as options that one can buy for his or her doors. It is advisable to have these extensions on your security screen doors because they will save you from having to deal with the insects or pests that get into your home through the tiny gap at the bottom of the security screen door.

Examine the Hinges

All doors have hinges. What you should pay attention to is how those hinges are attached to the security screen door. Some manufacturers weld the hinges onto the door. Others make a provision for the hinges to be fastened onto the door using screws. It is advisable for you to avoid the welded hinges because it is almost impossible to adjust them. Their durability is also limited because the weld seam weakens over time.

You will have no regrets if you select a security screen door that has the features above. You should also visit the showrooms of different suppliers so that you can find out what additional enhancements have been availed on the market. You will then be in position to make an informed decision about the best security screen doors to buy.

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