3 Signs You Should Hire a Plainclothes Security Guard

When you're hiring a security guard for your business, there are lots of options you need to consider. Should the guard be armed or not? Do you want one guard or several guards? Should they walk around the store or be stationed in a single location? Should they wear a uniform or plainclothes? This blog focuses on that final question. Here are three signs you should hire a plainclothes guard.

1. Having a Uniformed Guard Isn't Helping

A uniformed security guard can make an impression on potential thieves, and in many cases, the guard's presence alone is enough to reduce levels of theft. However, if you have a uniformed guard on staff and theft continues to be an issue, you may want to try a plainclothes guard.

A plainclothes guard is less noticeable. While a thief can easily see a uniformed guard, they might not even notice that they are standing next to a guard in regular clothes. That can make it easier for the guard to catch the thief in action.

2. You Want Discreet Security

In some cases, you may not want to call attention to the guard. For example, let's say that you own a high end retail establishment and you believe that the presence of a uniformed guard may make your regular shoppers uncomfortable. In this case, you may want a plainclothes guard.

When you hire a security guard who doesn't wear a uniform, you can even request that they dress in such a way that they blend in with the rest of the shoppers. You obviously don't want a guard wearing a suit and tie if the rest of your shoppers are wearing casual attire. In the same vein, you don't want a guard in casual attire if everyone is wearing formal outfits.

3. You Don't Want Employees to Know They Are Under Surveillance

In many cases, security guards are on hand to deter vandalism and criminal threats from outside your organization, but they can also work to detect internal theft. In particular, you may want to hire a security guard to look at employee shoplifting or stealing of cash. In these cases, you may not want your employees to know that they are under surveillance, and a security guard who blends in with your employees can help. For instance, a plainclothes guard can look like a new employee sitting in the breakroom, and when one of your other employees slips some merchandise into their bag, the guard can catch them in action.

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