Why You Should Consider Using Drug Sniffing Dogs at Your Next Event

When you hear about drug detection dogs being used at events, you may think of larger arena-sized events like concerts. The truth is, there are several benefits to using these trained dogs at smaller events such as community carnivals and community weekend fundraisers or concerts. If you are trying to figure out ways to tighten security without causing an issue within the area community, consider these reasons why you should consider using drug sniffing dogs at your next event:

Reduce Teen Drug Buying and Use

One of the issues with community events is the large concentration of teens that are susceptible and targeted by drug dealers. This can lead to an increase in drug sales and usage while adults at the events are preoccupied with the event itself or with younger children. Drug sniffing dogs can help locate the drug dealers quietly and weed them out from the rest of the crowd. This can help cut down on the drug sales, but also the drug usage since the drugs are not as heavily available on the scene or campus of the community event.

Locate Disguised Drugs

You may be thinking that drug dealers would try to stay out of the main line of sight during the event. You may also be thinking that they would want to hide the drugs they are trying to sell. Both can be true. In fact, many drugs that are sold at community events are disguised in candy forms. This can make it difficult to spot them easily, which is where drug sniffing dogs come in. These dogs are trained to eliminate smells like candy, sugars, artificial flavors that put off scents, and other nasal stimulates to locate the drugs hidden inside the items.

Car Sniffing and Entry Checks

One of the things you may want to avoid is causing a disruption during the event. This means that you may want to be quick with your checks and in the background of the event itself in order to not detract from the event. With that in mind, you can use drug sniffing dogs at the entrance and exits of the event. They can simply be kept beside the entrance and sniff as the person or people enter. This is non-accusative and can sniff out the drugs to prevent them from entering the community event. You can also use the dogs during the event to sniff around the cars and the parking areas as well.

By keeping these reasons in mind, you can better decide if you would like drug sniffing dogs at your next event and if they will be suitable for the event size you are planning. If you are ready to move forward, consider hiring a security firm that offers drug dogs as part of their security packages.

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