Understanding the Benefits of Home Automation

When you're looking to upgrade the security of your home, you need to consider more than just adding a basic burglar alarm. These alarm systems are often easily disarmed by thieves today, and many burglars are in and out of a home so fast that they may not even care if such an alarm sounds! Installing a home automation system can enhance the home's security while also making it more comfortable, and even save you money on your utility costs; note a bit of information about home automation in general, and how it can be used in your home:

Understanding home automation

Home automation refers to giving a separate IP or internet address to everything connected to that automation system. Virtually any device or appliance in your home that works mechanically can be connected to home automation; you can then control that device remotely, with an app on your Smartphone, tablet, or computer. The internet signal that goes back to the device will control its switches or dials, so you can turn something on or off, or otherwise adjust it, using that app. This system can also allow the device to communicate through that connection, so you can note the reading on your home's thermostat, know if the garage door is open or closed, know if faucets are on or off, and the like.


One way that you can use home automation for security is to program all the devices connected to that system. This might include programming lights and the television to go on and off during the day, just as you would do when you're on holiday. This automation can also open and close motorized window treatments, also making the home look occupied. This also saves on energy costs, as you won't be letting in hot daytime sun when you're away at the office.

Alarm systems

A home's alarm and security system can also be tied into a home automation system; this gives you full control over that system, and allows you to enhance your home's security in a variety of ways. For example, if you'll be working late, you might remotely switch on the alarm and porch light so your home is protected after dark. You might also turn on the security cameras so you can watch your home while it's unoccupied. You can also install an intercom system that allows you to answer a doorbell or speak through the intercom even when you're away, also making the home seem occupied or scaring off potential intruders.

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