4 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness of Your Home Burglar Alarms

Just because you have installed an expensive burglar alarm does not mean that your home is adequately protected. It is your duty to properly use such systems to ensure that they are effective in their work. Below are four ways to increase the effectiveness of the burglar alarms at your home.

Avoid the obvious

Just because electric fences are preferred by many does not mean they offer total security. Burglars are aware of obvious security measures and always have plans to counter them. You can be surprised when intruders get into your house despite the alarms you have installed. Be creative and install unique security systems such as motion detectors which are not openly visible.

Always have a backup power system for your security alarms

Some burglars cut the power supply before breaking into the house. When this occurs, and you were only dependent on one power source, then you will most definitely lose your property. You should, therefore, be smarter. Invest in a separate power source for your alarms such as a solar backup. Even when the main supply is disrupted, your house is still protected.

Involve the whole family

Do not assume that your children are too young to learn the security protocols. Take time to teach all your family members how to use the burglar alarms in your home and the best way to react when they go off. Some of the content that can be covered include the fastest way to reach out to the security company. Also, teach them the dos and don'ts when the house is under attack. In this way, even if the adults in the house have been apprehended, the children can still seek assistance.

Allow for remote monitoring at certain times

Ask your security company to assess their statistics and outline the particular times when homes are at high risk of being burglarized. The information provided can then be used to improve your surveillance schedule. This is by allowing the security company to remotely monitor your house during these high-risk hours. As such, even if the burglars fund a way to disable the alarm system, their presence can still be detected.

You should also avoid buying alarm systems from retail stores. This makes it impossible to make a follow up in case of any defect. The best approach is to buy such equipment from the security company that have the right resources to assist you in case you encounter any problems.

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