Top Considerations When Installing Outdoor Security Cameras

Without a doubt, the security camera is one of the greatest inventions in the technology world. With increasing cases of crime being reported, the need to monitor activities either at home or in the public space has never been more crucial. If you want to install outdoor CCTV cameras, you must prioritize a few aspects for optimum surveillance to be achieved. Read on for insight in this regard.

Backlighting -- The positioning of a security camera impacts the quality of footage obtained. For instance, backlighting should be avoided since it blurs the quality of footage and undermines a surveillance exercise. The significant sources of backlighting include the sun, streetlights or any other bright light that blurs the images acquired using a security camera. Therefore, you should install a security camera in such a way that it does not face any light source directly. Besides, backlighting is known to cause lens flare where dots appear in a video feed, thereby making it challenging to analyze events.

Positioning -- The placement of a security camera is crucial since it prevents easy detection by intruders. Unfortunately, many homeowners think that burglars are lazy opportunists. They are opportunists, but that is not the entire picture since burglars take time to plan. For instance, stories abound of burglars who survey premises for days before striking. The groundwork establishes, among other things, the location of security cameras to avoid detection. Based on this reality, ensure that your security cameras are discreetly placed to enhance the security infrastructure deployed. You can even place dummy cameras at strategic locations to throw burglars off the scent.

Power -- The source of energy to power a camera might appear like a no brainer during installation. Still, it is a crucial aspect to consider since it determines whether you go for wireless or wired security cameras. Wired security cameras are popular in the market since they are powered directly. However, a wired system becomes useless during power outages unless you have a backup power system. Wireless cameras are gaining ground in the market since they eliminate the need for cabling, which might compromise the visual appeal of your home or office space. Besides, wireless cameras rely on batteries for power, which is recommended in areas that experience frequent blackouts. Nonetheless, rechargeable batteries must be recharged regularly, which is tiresome and costly. Therefore, you should go for the ideal camera type based on your budget and security needs.

Speak with a professional who installs security cameras for more information.

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