How To Hire Security Guards For Your Home Or Business

Security guards are the human aspect of your home and business security system. Other than deterring theft, experienced guards can monitor the security features of your home or business. So, how do you hire security guards? Below are some tips. 

Reputation Of The Security Company

Assess the reputation of the security company by checking internet reviews and interviewing previous clients. Typically, avoid companies with negative reviews from previous or current customers. Below are some other considerations to make: 

  • Is the company licenced to operate in your locality? It is a guarantee that the company meets the minimum legal requirements to offer security guard services.
  • The guards should have adequate insurance coverage. It helps prevent financial and legal requirements in case the guards get injured on your premises.
  • The company should conduct thorough background checks to ascertain the character of their guards.
  • Ideally, the company should allow you to interview the guards that will work at your home or business. 


Assess the speciality of the guards. For example, if you are exposed to multiple threats, you need guards that can handle weapons and disarm threats and that are trained in martial arts. Some security companies will provide highly trained guards to protect your business from corporate espionage. For example, the guards could help you install security software such as mobile device management, encryption software and intrusion prevention systems. Security guards should be trained to respond to emergencies such as fires and flooding. Besides, they should have first aid training. 

Problem Solving Skills

The security guards should have excellent problem-solving skills. Ideally, they should inspect your home or business premises to identify the various security threats. They should then generate a report detailing how to deal with these threats. For instance, internal CCTV cameras can help capture employees that steal your inventory or workplace equipment. On the other hand, a restricted access system will help control who has access to vaults, stores and managerial offices. 

Communication And Investigative Skills

The guards must be excellent communicators. Remember, they will regularly communicate with your customers, visitors and staff. You should also examine the guard's investigative skills. For instance, how will they conduct investigations in case of a crime at the workplace? The guards may not have advanced investigative tools. However, they should interview the key suspects and narrow down their options until they find the culprit. 

When hiring security guards, check the security company's reputation, examine the guard's speciality and assess their problem solving, communication and investigative skills. 

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