Tips for Increasing Your Home's Security

Home security systems can be simple or elaborate. They range from installing a CCTV system monitored by a security company to the connection of a couple of motion detector lights. Even if you don't want to install an elaborate network, you can still take measures to make your home safer. Consider the following tips.

Remove Hiding Places

If a burger plans to break into a house, they'll typically want to remain concealed from the street. If the front and side garden of a home is filled with thick bushes, they can go about their invasion undisturbed. To take away the intruder's comfort, trim any trees that block windows or doors. Pay particular attention to the side of your home, as intruders like to target openings that don't face the street. After all, if your yard is visible from the road, from their perspective, a passer-by could see them and call the police. A burglar wants to remain hidden, so do whatever you can to let them be seen instead.

Motion Sensors

To make a criminal feel more vulnerable at night, you could install motion sensor lights around your house, at the front, side and back. If a light flickers on, they won't know if they've been seen. You can also connect motion detectors that talk wirelessly to a smartphone app, which notifies you of any movement so that you could take action. These detectors can be either outside or inside a house.

Security Screens for Windows and Doors

Burglars usually gain entry through windows or doors, which provide vulnerable entry points. After all, they can't break through a wall. Thus, make these openings hard to penetrate by fitting security screens. For a product to be labelled as such, it needs to comply with strict Australian standards. The screens have to pass a range of tests that simulate an attempted break-in. For example, the tests will mimic someone trying to shove through the mesh, jemmy it from the side and shear it with a knife. Only screens that pass these tests are sold as security screens.


You might also choose to install cameras that can fit inside and outside your home. You can even place fake cameras that look like the real thing. An intruder won't be sure if their image is being recorded. Some security cameras record the images so that if you arrive home and discover a break-in, the criminal can potentially be detected and the goods returned. Other security cameras connect wirelessly to a smartphone, and you can view the footage and call the police immediately.

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