Commercial Security System Features Your Business Needs

When you dedicate your life to building or running a business, you need to know that it's safe when you're not there. Unless your business's property has a 24-hour human presence, this usually means installing a commercial security system. In today's modern world, such systems have the potential to become quite advanced. Here are some features you should include with yours.

A Variety of Sensors

Alarms and sensors now come with multiple purposes. You can try sensors that detect when someone opens a door or window and set them to only alert you during certain hours. That way, if someone finds an open door or window and accesses it when they shouldn't, you'll receive a notification. You may also want to try glass break sensors for other types of thieves, as breaking glass is often a clear indication that someone is trying to gain access illegally.

Alarm Monitoring

Having the right sensors in place is useful, but you'll also need someone to monitor them. Using a 24-hour alarm monitoring service means someone is on hand to respond to potential thieves if they do break into your property. Even if you don't have a night watchman in place, the company monitoring your alarm systems can dispatch someone to address the issue. As a result, the person breaking in may be less likely to escape with crucial property.

Security Cameras

Of course, there will be some occasions where a thief is able to escape. Or, you may have security incidents unfold in your workplace that warrant criminal investigation. In such instances, having security cameras means you have key evidence that can help you recover the situation. Adding CCTV to your commercial security system can also prove useful when you're trying to support a claim that you make to your insurance provider. 

Power Backups

Even the most robust security systems will fail to do their job if you don't have the right power backup. If a power cut occurs or inclement weather causes a continuous outage, having no backup source leaves your building vulnerable to thieves. It also means there's no power to support the security measures you already have in place. Because of this, you may want to consider adding emergency power sources such as battery packs or a generator to your property. 

When creating a commercial security system, make sure you take a bespoke approach that benefits your building's unique requirements. In doing so, you'll keep your business safe and reduce your risk of costly incidents.

Contact a commercial security systems company for more information. 

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When you dedicate your life to building or running a business, you need to know that it's safe when you're not there. Unless your business's property

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